Days Of Atheism

Warsaw, 23-25/03/2018



– 15:30

The March of Atheists and historical reconstruction of Kazimierz Łyszczyński's execution

Copernicus Statue Copernicus Statue, 72 Nowy Świat St.

Those who agreed to participate and wear a costume are requested to appear at 12 p.m. at "Pożyteczna" club, 58 Nowy Świat Street (the place where panels are organized), just behind the Copernicus Statue where our march starts. This is where you receive costumes and where they will be returned. You can leave your clothes at the club.

We invite everybody to the March of Atheists!

Once again atheists, agnostics and other supporters of secular state will be given a chance to meet and count themselves at the March of Atheists organized by the Atheist Coalition

Another unique attraction will be the historical reconstruction of the death of the first known Polish atheist, who had been put to death in 1689 at the Old Town Square Market. As usual, we treat this show as an opprtunity to remind our society how cruel and merciless a state could be if it becomes a servant of religion and the church.