Days of Atheism 2016

Warsaw, April 1–2, 2016

Days of Atheism 2016

Days of Atheism is the largest group of events of this type in the continental part of Europe

In the agenda of the current Days of Atheism organized by the Atheist Coalition you can find the next edition of the March of Atheists along with historical reconstruction of the death of the first known Polish atheist, Kazimierz Łyszczyński, at the Old Town Market Square in Warsaw. During the conference part we will attempt to focus on the issues which in our view are crucial for people who do not believe in any god.

Days of Atheism 2016 will end with a Gala Banquet during which the Laureate of the Atheists' Award 2015 shall be announced. For the very first time the Polish milieu of atheists and agnostics will choose the winner in an internet poll.


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